About Kidlatz

Kidlatz.com is a pioneer of low-cost "hands-free" web hosting service™ in the Philippines. Originally offering low-cost website development with hosting and domain in one package. But because of a growing avenue for added online services, Kidlatz.com had been focusing more on Web Hosting and Domain Registration as a separate service that we now call "Hosting Services". While our low-cost website development will be handled by HFW Development, the cheapest "Managed Website Services". Still, all in one roof.

We offer complete solutions to help you from start to finish!. We will provide alternative tools that are very affordable to small and medium sized enterprises.

When you subscribe to Kidlatz hosting, we will take care of your web hosting needs. From hosting setup, domain registration to configuring your desired web application and/or framework to use. If you only need a domain, we have a Do-It-Yourself domain registration and transfer.

For your website design and development, we adhere to the "Hands-Free" web development approach or what we now call "Managed Website Services" under HFW Development. A customer-oriented concept that allows any company or individual who have too little time to spend maintaining a fully functional website, to still have a presence online and even compete against bigger businesses by letting us build, host and manage your website(s) on our servers from start and throughout the course of your website's life.

With our Managed Website Services. There is no need to hire technical professionals or beg and wait from someone just to get your site done.

Best of all, we will ENCODE your text content and UPLOAD your photos for FREE! No hassles! No worries!

With Kidlatz.com, you can depend on:
- Fully-managed Hosting
- Hassle-free Websites
- Personalized Oriented Service

All we need is your commitment and trust then sign up with our hosting services.

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Kidlatz.com is managed and operated by J.Arzadon Consulting.